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I'm Hannah and I'm a Developer Advocate who supports the GitOps and Argo communities during the day and builds new inclusive tech communities at night.

My Story


This is a project I wanted to create for those of us who need to take up more space within the tech industry. 

Throughout my career, I've experienced imposter syndrome, which is a feeling of anxiety or belief that I didn't belong. This is because the tech industry lacks supporting women and people of color in a way that addresses systemic bias and racism. 

Because of this, it has made it difficult for me to be passionate or want to pursue my tech career further, in fear that this is how it will always be. So, I want to change that and start taking up more space and find a community that can relate to this.

I want to build a safe space for others to share their thoughts, feelings, and stories about how this industry makes them feel and find support and solutions.

Please join my effort if you would like to help others channel self-doubt and alienation into healthy positive motivation. Together we can create an environment that fosters a variety of diverse racial, ethnic, and gender identities that are seen just as professional as the current model in the tech industry.

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I'm always looking for new ways to collaborate and friends, so please say hello!

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