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Humanize the tech
industry with me.


I want to transform the tech industry into an inclusive space and partner with like-minded folks who want to do the same.

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This is me

I love engaging with tech communities to learn what resources are needed to accomplish their goals while fostering an inclusive approach.
I've been a developer since 2016 and have worked alongside developer communities, large corporations, and start-ups, and mentored students who have allowed me to support their initiatives.

I've done this by contributing content such as technical documentation, blogs, webinars, and forums, and spoken at conferences, and engaging in community discussions.

Content Strategy  Writing 
Project Management 

 Branding   Social Media

Technical Documentation   Education 

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Smiling portrait of Hannah Seligson

I am an advocate for technologies
and developer communities.

I'm an engineer with imposter syndrome who has a passion for creating accessible content for people who want to learn more about technology and pursue a career in tech.

My goal is to help others channel self-doubt and alienation into healthy positive motivation, and together we can create a community that fosters a variety of diverse racial, ethnic, neurodivergent, and gender identities that are seen just as professional as the current model in the tech industry.


Here are some of my latest technical content contributions.

Recent Blog Posts

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